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The Massachusetts Clean Energy Center’s (MassCEC) Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Commercial Program provides funding through a non-competitive grant process for solar hot water projects. Pre-design study grants of up to $10,000 are available to help building owners, including public entities, assess the potential benefits of installing a solar hot water system on a municipal or school building (construction rebates are also available to help fund the installation of these systems).

This non-competitive grant application process requires that a municipality select a consultant to complete their pre-design study and complete the posted application documents. Cadmus is available to both help with the application process and conduct the pre-design study.

If you are interested in learning more about how your community could save money through solar hot water on a public building, visit the MassCEC Commonwealth Solar Hot Water Commercial Program website or contact Cadmus’ Erin Sweet at 617-673-7101 or erin.sweet@cadmusgroup.com.

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For those interested in wind, we are pleased to announce the public release of the Distributed Wind Site Analysis Tool (DSAT).  Built with funding from US DOE’s Wind Powering America Program and other sources, DSAT is a powerful new online tool for making accurate performance predictions for distributed wind energy projects.  Combining proven calculation techniques, computer modeling, and real-world performance data, DSAT is a valuable resource for landowners and communities considering wind power projects.

Please visit http://dsat.cadmusgroup.com to see DSAT for yourself.

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The Commonwealth’s “Energy Smarts” blog is featuring the Town of Sutton’s Simonian Center for Early Learning Solar PV project – a Cadmus-supported project. At 202 kW, Sutton’s PV system is one of the largest municipally owned PV systems in the state. Cadmus provided owner’s agent services to the Town of Sutton through a technical assistance grant from the Massachusetts Department of Energy Resources (DOER).

See the blog post here.

Cadmus assisted the town throughout the development process, helping the town identify the most advantageous contract for the sale of Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs) generated by the system (SRECs are tradable credits that represent the “greenness” of the solar electricity generated). A Cadmus master electrician inspected the completed project for compliance with electric code, ensuring that the system is safe for staff, students, and visitors at the Simonian Center. Finally, Cadmus organized a “virtual ribbon cutting” on behalf of the Town to celebrate the successful completion of Sutton’s PV project.

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Cadmus team facilitates a "virtual ribbon cutting" event celebrating the completion of a community owned solar PV project

Cadmus has supported more than 40 municipalities in Massachusetts alone with their renewable energy projects. From this experience, we hope to present communities exploring, procuring, and implementing renewable energy projects with lessons learned, best practices, and available resources.

Be sure to check back or sign up for an email subscription. Our renewable energy team will be posting regularly. While comments will not be publicly posted, we look forward to reading and responding to your feedback.

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