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The fifth grade chorus sings their "Solar Song" to the tune of "Do Re Mi" at a ribbon cutting for the 200 kW Simonian Center system in Sutton, MA.

UPDATE: The Sutton Simonian Center PV project has been highlighted on the Commonwealth’s “Energy Smarts” blog.

Celebrating successful community renewable energy projects can be an important part of building support for your project. Communities with completed projects are often seen as leaders, and their success demonstrates the feasibility of these efforts.

Ribbon cutting events can be an exciting way to celebrate and share successful projects and lessons learned. The fifth grade chorus in Sutton made up their own “Solar Song” to perform at the ribbon cutting for the Simonian Center for Early Learning  200 kW municipally-owned solar PV system.

See their memorable performance online.

“Whacky Solar Panel Song” 
Sol, solar panels Sol-Sol Solar panels
[Do] Sometimes it takes a bit of dough
[Re] Absorbed on sunny sunny days
[Mi] We’re talking green energy
[Fa] The project went very fa (r)
Sol Solar panels whoa, whoa, whoa
[La] Lots of energy for everyone
[Ti] For the world community
[Do] So we’ll do some good and maybe change the world


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Closed landfills are increasingly popular sites for community renewable energy projects.

The Department of Energy Resources (DOER) is expected to release a handbook on landfill solar PV in the upcoming months. This handbook is expected to include community-specific guidance on these increasingly popular projects.

For additional information on renewable energy at closed landfills, the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (MassDEP) website currently hosts a number of resources.

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